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Day and Night Photography Exhibition

Exhibition Period:

1-26/ 3 ( Tuesday - Sunday ) 12:00nn - 7:00pm

Teatime with artists and guests: 18/ 3 ( Saturday ) 2:30pm Facebook Event Page

Curatorial Words Eric Tsang and Shek Chun-yin are not photography artists. They use different media for their creations. I caught in FB their photography that has moved me a lot. For this exhibition, I have chosen Tsang’s daytime photography and Shek’s nighttime images. Tsang’s photography has enlivened the formality of architecture whilst Shek has broken the same but in a different fashion, the former with humans and the latter with trees. Humans are focus and further enhance the balance of Tsang’s composition; trees are however not exactly focus since Shek has let their branches cover the whole picture. Tsang touches on realism exuded through coincidental encounters between humans and architecture under the sun when Shek turns reality into poetics with shadows of the trees entwined with the architecture in the light of night. Afterall, Tsang is graphic and Shek is painterly. May Fung Feb 2017 About the Artists: Shek Chun-yin got his BA (Fine Art) and Master of Fine Art from RMIT University in 2008 and 2011 respectively. For his MFA, Shek got an award for best performance. He then obtained his Master of Cultural Studies degree in 2015 from the Lingnan University. During 2011-14, Shek worked as a curator in the A.lift gallery. Some of his projects including Art Beijing 2013, Fine Art Asia 2013, the Fotanian Open Studios’ Project and Gallery by the Harbour’s "Here I am!" Joint Exhibition. Moreover, his earlier works were exhibited in many galleries and shopping mall. He is now working in the House of Hong Kong Literature assisting it for all kinds of tasks relating to visual aesthetics. Eric Tsang Siu-wang graduated from the University of Hong Kong. He worked in the publishing and the education fields before. In 2011 he helped with the founding of the Cantonese Cinema Study Association. In 2014-16 he was the guest host for the radio programme in Metro Radio. Now Tsang is one of the board members of the Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong). He writes cultural and film comments in the printed media. Tsang likes to wander around the streets and alleys of this city and take photos of the cityscape without too much concern about the technicality; he simply wants to document the bits and pieces of the city


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