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Reading maketh a full man.
― Francis Bacon (1597)

No matter how a city develops, it cannot do without reading and books. 

But then in view of its twisted development, Hong Kong has lost a lot, including both space and time.


As such, the people here can only survive by speed, efficiency and adaptability.


We ACO, however, believe that a book is like a key, it can open up our imagination and offer us subtlety and sensitivity in re-constructing the relationship between an individual and the world.   Ultimately, the world would change from a monolithic state to unlimited possibilities and diverse wisdom.


So fortunately connected to Ma Kwok-ming who sold all the remaining books of Twilight Books to us, ACO has started its independent bookstore business selling Twilight’s and other books as from 2008 inheriting Twilight’s aspiration to promote pioneering foreign books.  With these several years’ exploration and trial, readers coming to ACO could always find some books beyond their expectation:

●        reading cities according to humanities studies

●        cases of how art and design has intervened society

●        literature using design to subvert text

●        handbooks for individuals and communities to revive their relations

           with nature

●        stories telling us those people and relations that are existing outside

           the norm

and many other types.   They all act as catalysts to push for a better civil society.


Being a charitable organization to promote art and culture, ACO’s bookstore is no profit making.  We aim at providing readers with alternative choices. Our price is more often lower than the retail or the internet price. We welcome individuals or groups to order books or audio/visual products through us Patrons can use HK$ or cheque for payment.  We do not accept other currencies or payment by any form of credit cards.


ACO bookstore has adequate space and seats for readers to read here. ACO staff are more than happy to act as a guide to the readers in the sea of books. The real interaction and exchange between humans is the unique character of independent bookstores.  And, ACO is one such bookstore for readers and us to forget time.


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