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ART and Culture


ACO is in the course of strengthening its role as art and culture developer.  We are to let art, especially alternative, experimental and offbeat art, be curated, exhibited and appreciated in all the possible spaces within ad without ACO.   We are to let contemporary cultural phenomena and issues be researched, discussed and published here if needed. 


All in all, we welcome all kinds of input from all kinds of art and cultural personalities to collaborate with us for pushing for quality life and a civil society through art and culture actions. 

Since June, 2014, we ACO have reached a new milestone for our development.  We have moved to 14/F from 1/F of FTB with improved facilities for a bookstore, a space for art and cultural happenings and a roof garden to work out a portfolio that can contribute more to the society. Apart from sponsoring our space to independent artists and cultural practitioners, ACO also curates and organizes different kinds of events in categories as followed: 


A.) Reading X Creation 

B.) Art Education 

C.) Sound / Music 

D.) Green Living 

E.) Opening up Foo Tak Building 

F.) Publishing and distribution 

Reading/ Creation 

ACO invites instructors with different expertise, to encourage people to respond in any creative format after reading some selected text/ articles/ poems together. The responses could be in video, poetry, movement or photography…etc. It is a series of workshop in small group with an intimate environment. 

ACO invites artists to organize workshop based on close reading, to let the participants get to know how great writers/ philosopher share their sensibility and faith in life. Through exercising close reading, we practice how we sense and how we make sense. During the workshop we tell each other related stories; discuss, imagine, or even create and make things happen.

I Wanna Read 

ACO invites art and cultural practitioners (i.e. artist, filmmaker, writer, playwright, designer, art educator, poets…etc) to be the ambassador of the books that was and is still influential to their art practice. They share how reading adds values to the way they think while working and made and impact on their work.  



ART ATOM is a platform for free art education for teenagers. ACO invites artists to share their skills, knowledge or thoughts with the teenagers, and let them be more interested in understanding their own relationship towards the society and their surroundings. ACO sponsors all the materials for the lessons, and offer subsidy to those who live far away from the learning venue (the artists’ studio). The applicant should have strong passion in art, and their family is having difficulty in supporting them to attend art lessons. 

ACO Sound-on-Site
Sound-On-Site is a site specific program presented by ACO (Art & Culture Outreach), we aim to develop an intimate and meaningful dialogue between the specific space, the artists and the audiences, and at the same time, create an inspiring art enjoyment experience for the audiences. *Free donation. 




ACO opened up its kitchen to young chef who is focusing on organic vegetarian dish-making and care about local farming. The green chef work closely together with the ACO Rooftop farm caretaker and connect with local farmers. Some ingredients are harvested from ACO Rooftop Farm while some are from local farms, and organic goods from overseas might be in use too. We hope that the busy residents could take a pause and reimagine their own connections with food and the way they eat.   


Foo Tak Building Open Days
Together with ACO, almost 20 art and cultural spaces open their doors for Foo Tak Building Open Days. These entities have much devotion and passion even though they come from different fields of art and culture. We wish visitors to come and see how they make good use of their space, and get to know more on what they are working on. Visitors might see exhibitions, crafts, screening, books, and some meaningful old objects and publications, and join talks about literature/ society/ green living. 
Co-organizers:  Foo Tak Building art and cultural entities


ACO Publication & Distribution 


Artist, Musician, Writer, Chef, Farmer, Playwright, Filmmaker, Educator and Art Critic ACO had worked together with:

Cally Yu
Chan Wai
Fong Tai Chor
Enoch Cheng
Kith Tsang
Kwok Tsz Ki
Fung Ching Ching
Tammy Cheung
Lumli Lumlong
Siu Yuen
Lovers’ GOAT II  (Nelson Hui & Sze Ka Yan)
Adam Leung

Nelson Hiu

Wilmer Chan

Heidi Law

William Lane

Wong Hin Yan

Sound羊(Peace Wong & Hoi9)
Chow Yiu Fai Lyrics Class
Olaf Hochherz

Fiona Lee
Sunny Chan
Martkate Tsoi
Tiv Wong
Mak Ho Ying (Kong Yeh)

Virginia Wong
Lin On Yeung

Jaspar Lau



Green Partnership:
- Poetics of Dwelling Poetry & Craft      
  urban upcycling workshop 

- Book launch of 《漂洋過海的瓶子》
  (an environmental illustration book) 

- Food and Farming Film Festival 2015 &
   2016 by Sangwoodgoon

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