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Six Foo Tak Guinea Pigs

4/10/2016 - 7/10/2016 at 12nn-7pm

A narration for 001-006 Being used to create arts in our safety zone, we were suddenly placed in Foo Tuk Building in Wanchai. This drastic change in environment led to a "mutation" and have transform us from artists into a group of laboratory guinea pigs, indulging ourselves in exploring, experiencing, observing, hypothesizing, perusing and showcasing. This exhibition is an experiment report written by 001-006, in which we present to the public the artistic experiment that was triggered in Foo Tak Building. The Six Guinea Pigs: 001 Annebel CHAN 002 CHEN Wing Ki 003 Rivian CHEUNG Wing Yan 004 PANG Chun 005 Tiffany TANG Tin Yan 006 Jessica YUNG Heung Wei Exhibition Consultants: Susi LAW Wai Shan Joe CHAN Kui Hong


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