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Handpan Gathering + unofficial talk "The Secret Sound in YOU"

Time: 8 Oct 2016 (Sat)7:00pm - 10:00pm

To all Handpan lovers! Let's get together!! If you own a Handpan, come join us! If you don't have one but interested in it's sound and everything about it, come join us! If you play other instruments and wanna see how it works with Handpan, come check it out! Welcome to bring your gears. If you want to get to know yourself deeper through the sound, the music, maybe you will find something here, Who knows. Our Handpan big brother Edmund Leung will give out an unofficial (or official?!) 20-30 mins talk "The Secret Sound in YOU', through music to reach out or reach in? Ummm...let's see... It is a casual gathering, we wanna have some fun, play some music and meet interesting people, that's it. If you are on the same page, do swing by.

Entry Fee: Free (Lovely homemade snacks and drinks will be provided, free donation is welcomed) Enquiry: 9092 1776 *The Interzone Collective reserves the rights for any changes


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