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Book launch of "caak3 seng1" by Ahkok Wong

Time: 21/ 8/ 2016 (SUN) | 3: 00 – 5: 00pm

"People pursue tube amplifier, listen to vinyl records, etc. The reason for these behaviors is that these equipment can produce sound with the feelings of ‘warmth’ and ‘truthfulness’. In fact such feelings come from the uneven shape of thorn-like ripples. Modern electric guitarists certainly understand this endless pursuit of the quality of sound: We can spend a lifetime to use different instruments as medium to search for the ideal ‘distortion’, ─ that is ‘caak3 seng1’ in Cantonese." – Ahkok Wong Ahkok Wong is a musician, author, and lecturer, and he used to live in an industrial building. He is also active in social movements. He has been a prolific writer, having published in local newspapers, magazines and digital media. "caak3 seng1" is a collection of selected articles that focuses on music, band ecology, communities in industrial areas and related government policies. Multiple engagements of Ahkok allow him to explore and comment on different issues, his incessant spirit of questioning offers readers ways to listen to Hong Kong 'with temperature'. "caak3 seng1" is the first publication in the series "sound by artists", conceived by soundpocket. Artists with a practice in Hong Kong keep thinking and creating, and express their perception of the world through their own writing and their own voices. Artists provide us the artistic and critical angle to observe ourselves and the surroundings. To listen to them is to find the valuable linkages amongst people, also the problems and alternatives in our societies, between sound, art, and words. "caak3 seng1" brings us insights into lives we get used to. By questioning inexplicable phenomena in Hong Kong, Ahkok associates different musicians, artists and cities to our society, and talk about what we dare not to say nowadays. *The event will be conducted in Cantonese, and sign language interpretation service will be provided. >>more details


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