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The Suns: Jabin Law's Album Release Concert

Time: 31st July, 2016 (Sun) at 7:30pm (Door open at 7:15pm)

Opening act: Narbi Ticket Price: HKD$220 (CD + Limited T-shirt + Advanced ticket)* HKD$100 (Advanced ticket)** HKD$120 (Walk-in ticket)*** * Advanced tickets are limited **CD and limited T-shirts are available at ACO ^T-shirt has two colours to choose: Navy Blue or light grey; Size: XS, S, M, L ***Ticketing: 1. Please give us your i) name ii) Ticket type and quantity iii) T-shirt size and colour (if buying) e.g. i) John Chan ii) CD + t-shirt+ advanced ticket x1 iii) M, Navy Blue 2. Transfer the correct price to the Hang Seng account 359-848942-882; 3. Take a photo of the advice and inbox to Jabin Law's facebook page, or email 4. Wait for the confirmation message


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