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"Remembrance of rainy days" - Exhibition by five artists

Exhibition: "Remembrance of rainy days" - Exhibition by five artists

Joined Artists : Ah Min, Lokit, Etta Chan, Tiffanycheetah, Eric Sun

Opening : 21/6 (Sun) 3:00-5:00


“I will not bring an umbrella, unless raining.” she said.

“I bring an umbrella at anytime.” he said.

“I always forget bring an umbrella.” he said.

“Hate raining, hate umbrella.” she said.

“Except for an umbrella, I have no choice?” he said.

One day, five different personality artists met “under an umbrella”. They captured what they

saw and felt in the movement by drawing portraits and sketches in their own ways. Their joint

exhibition held in Aco half year thereafter.

In coming rainy days, they will miss those days in the Umbrella Movement.


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