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Chihoi Comics Show - Library & 6/F Basement -

- Library & 6/F Basement - Library & I’m with my Saint are Chihoi’s latest comic books. Library tells tales of a strange library where people indulge in memory in the sea of books, or those who stroll freely in the heat of the Book Inferno. I’m with My Saint is a selection of Chihoi’s comics released over the past 12 years in local and international anthologies, now compiled for the first time in Chinese.

The exhibition takes place in ACO Art Space on 6/F of Foo Tak Building. It features not only the original drawings from the two books, but also the hidden chapter of “Library – the Basement”, which is available for reading only within a special Reading Room. Let’s plunge in the 6/F Basement! ----------------------------- Exhibition Period 9 Aug - 1 Sep 2019 Tue - Sun 1pm - 8pm Opening 9 Aug (Fri) 6pm - 8pm Talk 11 Aug (Sun) 3pm Guests: Chihoi & Yiu Sheung-Yee ----------------------------- About the Artist Chihoi was born in 1977 in old Hong Kong. He likes drawing since childhood. In university years his comics and illustrations appear in local press media and overseas anthologies. His comic books include The Writer And Her Story, Still Life, Hijacking: HK Comic Literature (with Kongkee), The Train (with Hung Hung), Fa Fa World series, etc. His books are translated in several languages including Italian, French, and English. Besides comics, he also works on bigger paintings, and some projects of nos:books. About the Organizer ACO Art Space at 6/F Foo Tak Building was initiated in early 2018, aiming at creating opportunities for artists to experiment and disseminate their works in a qualitative manner. We hope to strengthen the public's understanding of artists' creative energy, and encourage them to collect local artworks for enhancing their lives, while supporting the sustainable development of Hong Kong's art ecology. ACO also consigns works from the following artists: Yeung Tong Lung, Apple Wong Hiu Fung, Ivy Ma, An Gee Chan, Justin Larkin, Tobe Kan Kiu Sin, Don Mak Chun Tung and Au Wah Yan.


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