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ACO Sound-on-Site: Into the wild we listen to sound of sheep

Time: 20 FEB 2016 (SAT) 7:30 PM

Artists: Sound 羊 (P E A C E vocal / guitar + WONG CHUN HOI clarinet / electronics)

Admission: Free Donation

Two sheep running off a cliff In the midst of falling one bumps into a clarinet One runs into a guitar Then a disarranged mixer What's in there? Human vocals meeting electrical short circuit In a very humanly electrifying way Meh? let's get back to the flock We hope to see you there About ACO Sound-on-Site Sound-on-Site is a site specific program presented by ACO (Art & Culture Outreach), we aim to develop an intimate and meaningful dialogue between the specific space, the artists and the audiences, and at the same time, create an inspiring art enjoyment experience for the audiences.



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