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Do you see the aesthetics in Organic Food and Cooking for ACO’s Green Living?

Art & Culture Outreach (ACO) supports local farmers, and grow organic vegetables at our rooftop farm. ACO seeks project initiator on Organic Food and Cooking. We offer a kitchen and our open space to nurture creative dish creation and further enhance our sensibility through food.

If you have an idea on how people could gain new experience through eating, please send us an email to share how Food and Cooking means to you.ACO is an open space for experimentation, nurturing organic living in various ways, come and join us!

Please send your name (or group name), contact, project proposal to on or before 28/10/2015, any format is welcomed. If you have any question in mind, reach us at 28934808 for a chat. We would arrange a meeting with you for further discussion on 2/11/2015.


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