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Do you wanna join our Foo Tak community?

Foo Tak Building looks traditional and ordinary. It is a typical commercial/residential building having 14 floors with two units on each floor. Since 2003, there have been 18 units leased to art and cultural entities at a sponsored rate through ACO; the rental is much lower than the market price. Just as important, ACO exercises low degree of management to leave more room for self-discipline being exercised by the sponsored art and culture entities. ACO has stipulated only a few rules and allowed all kinds of ideas / creations / experiments / plans / actions / organizations to seed, grow, practice and perform here.

Other than rental sponsorship, we the ACO team are happy to liaise with the units to promote sharing of experience and opinions. We are also promoting varied ways to foster a community ecology here with a sense of resource sharing and helping one another.

If you wish to become a member of Foo Tak Building, you are welcome to email us a concise application proposal containing your objective and ways of using a space in Foo Tak Building, and why you need the sponsored studio from ACO at this moment. Please email to

Application deadline: 11/9/2018


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