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Foo Tak Art X ACO Exhibition

(April to May)

ACO (Art & Culture Outreach) manages the 18 art and cultural entities in Foo Tak Building, leasing them the units at a below-market rate to support their sustenance. ACO aspires to uphold “Foo Tak Spirit” which turns limited resources into creative energy since 2017.

Besides of ACO at 14/F in form of a bookshop and event space, there are also studios of art, music, theatre, literature, craft, media, research and education. We had just introduced 3 music studios in Foo Tak Building in March, and we are going to introduce you a few artist studios in April and May!

O p e n i n g H o u r s:

“Summer of Freedom” Original works exhibition

20/4 – 20/5 Thu-Sun 2-8pm

Poets Dialogue (conducted in Cantonese)

20/4 Fri 7:30pm

Theatre of poetry x voice x music

27/4 Fri 7:30pm

7/F Flyingpig x Zoa x Kachi Studio

Animation Screening | Painting Exercise | Daily Creations

19 - 20/5 Sat & Sun 2-7pm

10/F Archive of the People Screening

21/4, 28/4 Sat 2-8pm

10/F Rooftop Institute Talk: Insight from Southeast Asian Art Residencies Meeting 2018 | Speaker: Yim Sui Fong 12/5 Sat 2:30-5pm

11/F P A R T Y H A R D (Dave, Kaya, Apple, Hazel) Party Hard Mall

28 - 29/4 Sat & Sun 1-6pm

12/F Jess & Kinchoi Studio <Pacing Around> - Artists in Residence Finland [ Drawings | Installation | New Zines ] 20 - 22/4, 27 - 29/4 Fri 5-9pm; Sat & Sun 12-6pm

*Opens Every Tue-Sun, 12-7pm

Publisher's Sharing Talk (conducted in Cantonese)

18/4 Wed 7:30-9:30pm

25/4 Wed 7pm

5/5 Sat 7pm

(conducted in Cantonese)

10/5 Thu 7pm

Come visit us at Foo Tak Building !


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