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Worldwide Reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Time: 6 September (Wednesday) 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.

On September 6th (Wednesday), PEN Hong Kong will be hosting an informal bilingual reading (Cantonese and English) on human rights as part of the International Literature Festival Berlin (ILB). This event especially welcomes writers who are interested in joining PEN Hong Kong. If you would like to read something that evening, please send an email to before 20 August 2017 so we can arrange the material for audience members. You are also very welcome to simply come and listen to the readings. More information will be made available presently. {Please visit : to see a list of confirmed spearkers.} Contact: Tammy Ho Lai-Ming ( email : ) 'Human rights: Human rights are not bestowed by a state; they are inherent rights enjoyed by every person. Guaranteeing human rights is both the most important objective of a government and the foundation of the legitimacy of its public authority; it is also the intrinsic requirement of the policy of “putting people first.” China’s successive political disasters have all been closely related to the disregard for human rights by the ruling establishment. People are the mainstay of a nation; a nation serves its people; government exists for the people.' (Liu Xiaobo, Charter 08). :::::::::::::::::: JOINING PEN HONG KONG Are you a writer and are concerned about the threat to Hong Kong’s creative and free expression? If so, you are eligible for membership with PEN Hong Kong. We offer membership to both Chinese and English-language nonfiction writers, novelists, poets, essayists,journalists, satirists, documentary filmmakers, academics, publishers, screenwriters, playwrights, translators, editors and others who engage with the larger public through their original work. {More information} ::::::::::::::::::


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