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Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme – Folding / Unfolding: Mobile Photography Exhibiti

Exhibition Time : 24 /6 /2017 - 23 /7 /2017 at 12nn - 7pm

Student Sharing : 2 /7 /2017 (Sun), 12:30 pm -14:30pm

Workshop : 2 /7 /2017 (Sun), 15:00pm - 17:30pm

Through Our Eyes Photography Education Programme – Folding / Unfolding: Mobile Photography Exhibition “Folding implies taking care of something, completing something, the duality implied. It is also an action of bending and laying, implied the idea that something is ‘inside’ – tucked away. Unfolding stories and life, has a sense of sharing and exposing; it can be seen as a metaphor to memory, and it echoes and resonates with memory.” ── Julia Winckler Folding and unfolding a compilation of knowledge, emotions, thoughts and feelings. Turning everything into a foldable and readable narrative. Every year, Through Our Eyes sets a theme for the exhibition of the photography education programme. “Folding / Unfolding” is the theme of the latest edition. Our 14 Artist Educators designed and led different kinds of courses including workshops for 18 participating secondary schools, TOE Advanced Courses and workshops collaborating with other organisations. Young people are encouraged to pay attention to their relationship with the surroundings, to understand and observe the world, to examine and deepen their feelings and thoughts, which were then represented and articulated by a combination of photography and other artistic media. As the result of the exercises, young people’s hopes and sentiments have been transformed into something that can be touched, seen and felt. Identifying students’ inner voice is no easy task. Grown-ups are accustomed to imposing their ways on the youth, or “teaching” them without deviating from their pre-set mindset. What we would like to focus on, is to help students expressing their original intention, to give a voice to what they would have said and they have really felt. The Mobile Exhibition takes place in different interesting spaces in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. While exhibition is usually organised in an exhibition hall, it can also happen in a small boutique, a café, a bookstore, or an art space. We will showcase works of different themes according to the characteristics of the site so that students’ collection will forge a deeper connection with the exhibition venue. Artist Educators will lead students in organising and setting up the exhibition. The exhibition becomes not just a channel to introduce students’ works to the general public, but also an opportunity for them to mingle and work together. We aspire to bring arts to territories less travelled, we leave behind conventional venues and engage the community and the quotidian, giving the exhibited works and their creators a chance to bond with the sites. The “kai fong” that passes by, the shopper that strolls along the street, the customer that comes for a sip of coffee, are all invited to enter the world of “Folding / Unfolding” via the form of mobile exhibition. The two-month-long exhibition will tour to different locations and engage the audience and the community through various activities, such as display of collection, students’ sharing, courses and seminars of different kinds, etc. The exhibition will make its final stop at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC), where the outcome of the different courses will be showcased as well. Students will introduce their very own work to the visitors and assist the Artist Educators in teaching some of the learning exercises; students who have enrolled in the upcoming TOE progamme will also join the exhibition and workshops. As a result, experience and knowledge are shared, and the spirit of TOE is realised and carried on. From Folding to Unfolding, it is not only the course of creation, but also a journey of discovery. We hope that you will join us at the exhibition, and let the narrative of the discovery journey unfolds itself.

Student Sharing : Art Education and Process of Creation Facilitator: Brandon Chan, Li Hiuwa

Through Our Eyes anticipates to see the chemistry against Artist Educators, schoolteachers and students, all parties will be benefited throughout the learning process and be inspired by one and other. What difficulties they have encountered during the workshop? What has been achieved and experienced? There will be representatives from Artist Educators, schoolteachers and students from four schools, please come and join the discussion, as well as sharing the artwork outcomes by the students.

Workshop : The Orange Exercise Artist Educator: Brandon Chan

Through communicating and interacting with an orange, participants will ponder the relationship between action, object and human being. During this slow and prolonged process, what would you think about when you are doing some fast shooting exercises? Besides, the participants will learn how to read images, observe and understand the meaning of an object in a

space or inside an image.


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