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Buildings of the Big Brother – Yip Kai Chun

My residencies in Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan Dialogue+Chess Games 6.5.2017 ( SAT) 15:00 Exhibition 5-7.5.2017( FRI-SUN) 12:00-19:00 *Conducted in English, supplemented with Cantonese *Free and open to the public

‘Buildings of the Big Brother’ includes three works about Soviet architecture in three post-Soviet states, namely Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. I created two board games and a video in the artist-in-residencies in the three countries last year. Soviet architecture is the most prominent tangible legacy of the era. It represents the ideology and ideal of Communism. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, most buildings of the era are neglected. They have deteriorated and been distorted because of privatisation. I take Soviet architecture as the thread to trace unfamiliar history and culture and investigate post-Soviet societies. In Dialogue+Chess Playing session, I will talk about the creation processes and the experience in the three countries. Audiences are then invited to play the board games created in Georgia and Armenia. The works will also be exhibited in a small three-day exhibition. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yip Kai Chun Yip Kai Chun is an artist-curator born, bred and based in Hong Kong. His interest lies in the intersections of culture, history, and identity, viewing from local and personal perspectives. With his art, he aims to unravel the taken-for-granted and neglected, re-create lost connections, and re-imagine alternatives. Yip’s artistic creation blends documentation and narrative without limit on media, ranging from video to installation. Last year, Yip participated in residencies in Georgia, Armenia, Portugal and Kyrgyzstan to reflect upon his practice in varied social and cultural environments. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Supported by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR Venue Sponsor: 艺鵠 Art and Culture Outreach Residencies in Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan: GeoAIR(Tbilisi, Georgia) Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory(Yerevan, Armenia) ArtEast( Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) Special Thanks: Lam Kin-choi Jess Lau Loby Lee


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