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Contact Ball Juggling Workshop presented by The Interzone Collective and Tatsuya

Date 1: 16 Feb 2016 or Date 2: 17 Feb 2016 Time: 7:30-9:30pm

One unique workshop led by Tatsuya, an enthusiastic world travelling Contact Ball Juggling Japanese performer. In this workshop, Tatsuya will teach you the basic skills and tricks of this amazing crystal ball juggling for BEGINNERS. It would be huge fun and joy!

Fee: $360 (apply before 7 Feb 2016 enjoys special offer $330) *12 seats limited for each workshop * Contact Ball will be provided *The Interzone Collective reserves the rights *Special thanks to Art and Culture Outreach for sponsoring the wonderful venue How to apply? ~Fill in this form

*Once your application is recieved, we will contact you soon



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