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“Slow living in the city”: Pressed Flower Art Show

Date: 1/8 - 23/9/2015 (Back staircase space)

23/8 - 23/9/2015 (Back staircase space + Aco exhibition space)

Opening: 23/8/2015, 12:00 noon

Opening Hours: 12nn - 7pm, every Tuesday to Sunday

It’s luxurious for people to slow down their speedy footsteps and appreciate the

beautiful plants and flowers from the nature in Hong Kong. It seems like we live

in an enormous concrete jungle and barely have any green area or planting, but

indeed there is a big treasury of plants, only if you could pay attention to them.

You could find a lot of different wild flowers blossom at the sideways, wall

cracks, or even besides the tree roots. Pressed flower art could take you to the

nature wonderland.

Pressed flower art is very popular in Japan and Taiwan, but remains a side

stream art in Hong Kong; it applies scientific method to preserve the plants in

their most brilliant moment, and re-create them into an art piece. The creative

process, picking and handling the plants requires a lot of patience . This slow

living with flowers and plants is actually a kind of self-cultivation. In this

exhibition, the pressed flower artist, Kay Kei will demonstrate her artworks

created in the past ten years, audiences will have chance to make their own

pressed flower bookmarks, postcards and other small elegant works in the

hands-on workshops during the exhibition period.


Woodland Spring



Golden Grace


Hands-on Workshops of Pressed flower by Kay’s Garden

If you love the nature, flowers and art, pressed flower art will take you into the

wonderful world of nature’s colors. Join our pressed flower workshop to make

simple pressed flower art pieces by yourself.

23rd August Pressed flower bookmark and sticker making

30th August Heart-warming postcard making

6th September Pressed flower on magnet

session 1:3:00 – 4:00 pm

session 2:4:30 – 5:30 pm

session 3:6:00 – 7:00 pm

Each class 4 to10 persons,suitable for aged 5-99, workshop fee: HK$100

(materials included)

Sign up: or email to

Successful participant will receive a confirmation email or message.

Payment methods:

1. Bank transfer: HSBC account no. 559-8-014065 (Kei Ngai Ping)

2. Cheque pay to Kei Ngai Ping

3. Pay cash by the door. (Only if there are vacancies)

Inquiry: 96214187 Kay Kei or email to


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