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New Lion Rock Spirit - Photo Exhibition


Grand Opening: 19th July 3pm

Date of exhibition : 19th July - 20th August

Time: Tue - Sun 12nn-7pm

"We have DREAM but without hope?"

"Certainly, we will lose but we MUST win."

These two sentences embrace our new generation of HK. We have experienced how Hong Kong gets divided from handover till now. The recent advertising project "Lion Rock Spirit" by the local medicine brand, Fortune Pharmacal has re-defined the new spirit of cross-generations.

"Photo Now" is going to organise the photo exhibition about this theme. It aims at extending the New Lion Rock Spirit to the society.

The creative team, director and cinematography team of the "Lion Rock Spirit" project will be present on the Grand Opening day for interactive sharing.

Curator: LAI Yat-nam, Yann Cheng

contact: 60153046、64909044


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