Thanks to Mr Shum Long-tin, Mr Siu King-chung, Ms Eno Yim, Ms Yim Wai Wai and Ms Vivian Fung for being ACO board members.

ACO Dolphin 

May Fung, Independent Art & Culture Worker. Alias: Slightly Mad. Loves nature, but then cannot forsake art and culture and social responsibility, thus living demi-human and demi-beast between the city and the countryside. 

Turtle Hermit
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ACO Team

Lin On Yeung studied fine arts in Hong Kong and have been working on art projects after graduation. He then turned into a farmer in recent years and being inspired by soil and growing foods, which reformed his understanding towards life, nature and the world. Besides believing in nature, he also believes in books and reading. So he continues to cultivate wisdom from books.  

Assistant Cultivator

Mimi - Feed on uncertainty. In forever quest to learn the language of everything - a million languages about a single thing. While not forgetting a silly grin. :-)