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Pallets, Wine Crates and more… Recycled Woodwork Project

All the woodwork facilities used in ACO were created by MUDwork, the project leader with the help of a team of volunteers in April and May 2014 by making good use of abandoned pallets and wine crates etc.

The purpose of the project is to highlight the importance of upcycling and woodcraft that ACO, MUDwork and the volunteers are keen in practicing and advocating far and wide now and in the future. Actually, some of the specially designed chairs here are re-creation by some of the volunteers.

May we express our deepest gratitude to MUDwork and the volunteers for their commitment to the project.

Volunteers:David Chung, Six Hang, Jess Ho, Vicky Kong, Lo Sau, Mister Interiors Co. Ltd., On Yee, Sharon, Sandy Wan, Amy Wu

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