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"ACO Sound-On-Site:New Nostalgic"

Date:15/4 (Sat)

Time:8 - 9pm

Venue:ACO Books (14/F)


Entry Fee:By Donation*

Performers:NEVER Vocal lead & Guitarist|Yu Long Drummer|Corey Ma Coordinator & Guitarist|Ivy Pang

Nowadays, we take pictures with film cameras;

listen to vinyl records;

we wear denim jacket;

why are we feeling nostalgic?

In the age of rapid technological advancements and information explosion, there is an obsession with speed, efficiency, and instant gratification. At the same time, people are trapped in their own devices and the distance between each other widens.

Therefore, we reminisce. Not only to feel nostalgic, but most importantly, to yearn for the much more straightforward, authentic, yet "human" lifestyle once existed in our society. By repeating this process of reminiscing and re-enacting things in the past, we build the future, which is the "New Nostalgic". This is a mini-concert, in which we express ourselves through classic songs rearranged to reconstruct the "New Nostalgic".

*All donations are for ACO to continue promoting art and culture activities


【About NEVER】

"NEVER" are a few of them from "Neverland". There is a tacit understanding and resonance among them, and it will appear as soon as the music is played. They go around, express themselves and find their lost paths through music. Let's just live in the moment. They sing, they play, simply wish ourselves and people who listen could enjoy the music...zzZ. They are Yu Long, Corey, and Ivy.

Ivy is currently an undergraduate student of the Cultural and Creative Industries Programme under the Art and Design Department, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong. Through this production, she is exploring new possibilities on revitalizing and performing old pop songs in new context.


【About ACO Sound-On-Site】

"Sound-On-Site" is a site-specific programme presented by ACO (Art & Culture Outreach). We aim at developing an intimate and rich dialogue between the artists, the audiences, and the space. At the same time, we wish to create an inspiring art enjoyment experience for the audiences.



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