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【I WANNA READ】Reading x Indie Bookstore - Albert Wan (Bleak House Books)

"I WANNA READ" invites different types of bookworms to come share how books affect their minds and values, hoping to rekindle the love triangle of books, reading and readers. Reading x Indie Bookstore ****************************************** A Sharing by Albert Wan from Bleak House Books ****************************************** Date: 7.25 (Thu) Time: 7:30 - 9pm Venue: ACO Bookstore, 14/F Foo Tak Building Organizer: ACO Registration: *Will be conducted in English _______________________ 【About the Sharing】 Albert Wan, the owner of Bleak House Books, one of the last remaining independent bookshops in Hong Kong specializing in new and used English language books, will come to ACO to talk about and share his thoughts on "If This is a Man and The Truce" by Primo Levi. __________________________________ 【About the Guest - Albert Wan】

Albert Wan is a lawyer turned bookseller. Born and raised in the U.S., Albert moved to Hong Kong in 2016 and opened up Bleak House Books, an indie bookshop in San Po Kong that specializes in English-language books. When Albert isn’t selling books or, more recently, writing grumpy posts about the current state of affairs in Hong Kong, he can be found at the mysterious yet much talked about ‘local bar’ reading a George Orwell essay and sipping a nice, cold beer.

_____________________________________________________________________ 【About the Book - "If This is a Man and The Truce" by Primo Levi】

"The book is an autobiographical account by Levi, a Jewish Italian chemist, of his experiences as a prisoner inside a German concentration camp during World War II, and of his journey back home to Italy after the camp was liberated. Spare, lyrical and urgent, ‘If This Is a Man and The Truce’ reminds us of what humanity is capable of in both its darkest and brightest moments. It is a cautionary tale of what can happen when evil triumphs over good, and necessary reading in these troubling times." - Albert Wan

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