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ACO AiR: Arild Våge Berge - Family History and Nature as Archives

ACO invites Norwegian artist Arild Våge Berge to share his works and self-made artist book with us at the 6/F gallery at Foo Tak Building for 2 weeks. The exhibition Unstable Monuments is developed from the two years research project “The Gravity of a Lake Focused into one Point” which based on the juxtapositions between his grandfather’s private archive and materials he collected from the nature, includes photographs, stories, drawing from his grandfather…etc. Arild’s grandfather was a hydro-power engineer from the 60s, he constructed a large scale hydro-electric power station among the mountains in Hjørundfjord which remains the most serious alternation of the landscape in the area today. Arild has been spending lots of time in the mountains and fjords with his family since he was a small kid which led to a strong connection towards the nature. Through this ongoing project, Arild reviews the tension between technology and landscape, and measures and adjusts the distance between his engineers grandfather (and father) and him as an artist.


ACO AiR Activities Exhibition: Unstable Monuments 24/11 – 2/12/2017 12nn – 8pm @6/F Gallery Opening on 24/11 (FRI), 6:30pm - 8:30pm Artist Sharing: The Gravity of a Lake Focused into one Point 25/11/2017 (SAT) 2:30pm @13/F ACO Artist in conversations: Ivy Ma* (Conducted in English) Peng Chau Nature Walk 26/11/2017 (SUN) 10am – 2pm RSVP To register>>> --- About the artists: Arild Våge Berge was from Ørsta on the west coast of Norway, born in 1983. Arild Våge Berge have a BA degree in specialized art, photography, MFA degree and pedagogic education from Bergen National Academy of Art and Design. His artistic practice includes photography, sculpture, text and video. His works explore topics like archiving, technology, landscape and temporal narratives, while the artistic gestures include remediation of documents, questioning the status of objects and challenging the way we understand landscapes. *About the Artist-in-conversation - Ivy Ma: Ivy Ma is a Hong Kong artist working in drawings, paintings, photography and mixed-media installation. Having studied in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, She has held five solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, and participated in group exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Pakistan and Australia. She was an Asian Cultural Council grantee in 2007 and she received Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards, Young Artist Award in 2012.


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