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Note to the Museum - Photography Exhibition by Adèle Godefroy

Exhibition Time: 5 /5- 18 /5 at 12nn - 7pm

Meet the artist: 13/5/2017 (SAT) 3:30pm – 7pm

- Creative association between photography and Hong Kong Literature - The story begins with : One day, ACO received a mail from an artist, Adèle Godefroy, from France; she was asking if we could recommend some Hong Kong writers to her for her to make some works while reading the books. So here are the books that the Adèle read, and triggered the photographic works she made: 1.Tête-bêche - Lau Yee Cheung 2. Iles et continents - Leung Ping kwan 3. Au fil de la vie - Xixi

“The exhibition consists in 21 pictures. They can be read in any order. No information at all is given about these photographs because it seems to me that such information might distract from the main point of the exhibition which is reading the image. However, the information can be found in the List of Captions of the photographs which is exposed at the end of the series." The Artist: Adèle Godefroy was born in Normandy in 1991. She started taking pictures in 2008, when she traveled to Mali with a group of young volunteers. In 2013, she created the Polalegria project, a pedagogical and artistic endeavour which was developed in South America, Sweden and France. In 2014, she won the "Paris X Berlin" photography competition, and her pictures were then exhibited in both capitals. Since then, she has submitted her photographs in literary reviews. As a teacher-researcher at the Sorbonne University, she focuses on the interactions between texts and images, and the spectators' looks. She tries to think about different possibilities to make them active when they face artistic work.


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