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Social Permaculture - Co-creating a resilient future

Date: 18 / 4 / 2017

Screening: 6:00 - 7:00pm Sharing: 7:30pm * Free Donation

Social Permaculture - Creating a resilient future with social systems Sharing by Ian Lillington x Screening of "Transition 2.0"

We invite Ian Lillington - an international permaculture educator, and author of “The Holistic Life – Sustainability Through Permaculture" for a sharing on Social Permaculture”. Ian will paint a picture of how community development and people-focused designs can build resilience to the emerging realities of economic contraction, peak oil and climate change during his short visit to Hong Kong. No one has all the answers - but through workshops and sharing of information and enthusiasm, together we can make a difference. In the face of urbanisation, desertification and global warming, can permaculture be a leader in bringing a transition to a sustainable and resilient future? What can permaculture—which began as a way of looking at food growing and land management—bring to this effort? What is the role of community in our society and why is it important? How can we strengthen the social aspect of a regenerative design? Through topics of intentional and active communities, co-operatives, and resource sharing, we take a deeper look at how our social structures affect the way we live, eat, and breathe, and what it means for creating a renegerative vision. Weaving together examples from his local community and from the global permaculture world, Ian Lillington will show how we face common problems, regardless of where we live, and that the solutions are small, apparently slow, and yet also effective. Ian has been working alongside David Holmgren for 25 years, and interacting with the global permaculture movement, through permaculture education, networking and assisting other permaculturists who are establishing centres of excellence in many countries. Based on a one-acre farm in SE Australia, Ian combines a love of fruit-tree growing with work on global promotion of permaculture. The Castlemaine community [about 20,000 people] living in small towns and farms, have created an attractive mix of local food systems, community and social enterprises, and social activism that appeals to many who are leaving Melbourne and Sydney metropolis for a country-town life. About the Speaker: Ian Lillington is an International Permaculture Educator, based in Australia and with experience in SE Asia and Europe. He recently led a course in Green Education at Green School in Bali and teaches Permaculture Design Courses in many places. Ian is also a networker, author and sustainability activist and is part of the international team ‘Permaculture’s Global Collabation. At home in Castlemaine, Victoria, in the SE of Australia, Ian and his partner Marita built a 10-star home [the maximum energy efficiency rating here] and do eco-renovations of older houses by adding insulation, solar panels, rainwater tanks and orchards. Ian book is an introduction to permaculture - “The Holistic Life – a Beginners’ Guide to Permaculture”, and is also editor of many of David Holmgren’s books, especially ‘Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability’. He’s also featured in the anthology – “Permaculture Pioneers” and wrote the chapter on Permaculture in the “Encyclopedia of Sustainability”. Ian specializes in teaching about the 3 ethics, 7 domains and 12 principles of permaculture as well as the interaction between permaculture, social and economic systems.


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