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Welcome to Qualia

Time: 29/ 6/ 2016 Concert start at 8:30pm, Door open at 8:15pm, Hangout start at 9:30pm

The Interzone Collective presents Edmund Leung's 1st Handpan Solo Album Pre-launch Experience Live + Hangout with the Artist Warning: The sound of Handpan is like an invisible mirror, it reflects one's good and/or one's bad, both/either bright side and/or dark side. Please be prepared and Good Luck! Dear folks, what is Qualia? There are many definitions of Qualia, which have changed over time. One of the simpler, broader definitions is: "The 'what it is like' character of mental states. The way it feels to have mental states such as pain, seeing red, smelling a rose, etc." And this mental state is very unique to each individual. When you and me see an orange, are we seeing the same orange? When you and me fear of something, are we sharing the same fear? We share the same space, are we sharing the same feeling? This album and concert might show you your Qualia, are you ready to see you, and only you?

Ticket: HK$250 per person including 1 Handpan solo concert seat and 1 new born album Inquiry: 90921776 Reservation form *If you can not join the concert, feel free to hangout with us after the show (9:30pm) . Free entry and you can purchase the new album *Seats are limited. *All right reserved by The Interzove Collective *Special Thanks Art and Cultural Outreach for sponsoring the wonderful venue


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