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《The days》Poem and Sound show

Time : 29(Tue), 30(Wed) March start at 19:30, the show is about 30mins

About: We walked across many days in our life time, even some happened in our dreams only. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Design, Live sound : Cher ngchuntung Reading : Freakiyo

Fee : free admission, ticket is not needed **Please support ACO for their help Organiser : HKAPA Enquiries :, 60983801 ***** 1. Please click attend if you are going to attend, easier for me to count the numbers 2. It is an open show for everyone, not only HKAPA students or staff, so please come if you are interested in it 3. The main gate at Foo Tak Building would be closed at 20:00 , so please come on time/earlier. (It is very special if you arrive around 20:00 since you might not be able to enter the building, and the show will be about to finish.) 4. Smoking is prohibited. You can drink some water my friend.


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