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【Foo Tak Quartet:Artists work showcase】

Foo Tak Building looks traditional and ordinary. It is a typical commercial/residential building having 14 floors with two units on each floor. Since 2003, there have been 18 units leased to art and cultural entities at a sponsored rate through ACO. The exhibition is held at the newly renovated ACO, where artworks of 4 parties working at FTB will be shown (some works are available for sales). What would this symphony be like? Period : 12 September (FRI) - 12 October (SUN) Venue : 14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai Time : 11am to 8pm (except Mondays) Enquiry: 2893 4808 (ACO)

Participating Artists: Chou Autumn, born in Hong Kong in 1979. Chou studied Fine Arts in The Chinese University of Hong Kong before undertaking an MFA at Taipei National University of the Arts. Chou’s themes of paintings and drawings are mainly animals. She tends to mix various materials in her drawings. Her solo exhibitions “Animals’ Tears”, “Marginal Nomads”, “Forget Each Others in Rivers and Lakes” and “Born” have been held in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Lumli and Lumlong, born into working-class families, Lumli and Lumlong studied Fine Arts in France together for 5 years with very limited monetary resources. After returning to Hong Kong, they couple have become teachers of Fine Arts, and at the same time, engaged in artistic creations. Their artworks have been exhibited in Hong Kong and Paris. Both of them think that social reality can be more “terrifying” than their artistic creations and believe that compassion is the ultimate expression of one’ s imagination. Ngai Wing Lam born and live in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2008. Painting and animation are the main media she works with. Stories of Fish Man are inspired by dreams, old masters’ paintings and scenes plucked out from Ngai’s surroundings. These are the faithful subject to her. Wong Ping, independent animator. Suppressed by life, and forced to release by his images.


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