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⊚ 一人一點藝評社 One Point Critique Society ⊚

艺鵠主辦 —「一人一點藝評社」是一個推廣藝文短評的計劃。









- 參與一個近期的本地藝文活動*,分享你觀賞後的一個特別觀點。

- 你可以以中文或英文撰寫 。

- 希望你提供活動圖片。(請註名圖片出處)

- 我們會向每份獲選短評提供每字 $1 港元撰稿費(稿費上限400字) ,以示謝意。



i. 文章表達清晰

ii. 觀點具獨到見解

iii. 觀點推論言之有據





⊚ One Point Critique Society ⊚

ACO presents “One Point Critique Society”, an art and cultural critique platform for public to express their critical points of view on local art and cultural events. At the same time, it is aimed to encourage more people to visit the on-going events in town.

We invite you to write a short critique on a current event that you have visited, sharing one unique point of view with reasons in 400 words.

Let’s raise discussions on local art and culture together!

🟡👉🏻 Critique collection form:



- Write a critique with a unique point of view on a *current local art and cultural event you have visited.

- Critique can be written in Chinese or English.

- We would like you to provide the event images. (Please credit the images)

- We will provide a writing fee for the selected critique at $1 HKD / word (max. 400 words).

(same condition for Chinese and English writings)

-Selection criteria:

i. The point is clearly expressed.

ii. The point is in unique perspective.

iii. The inference is well-founded.

*Definition of current local art and cultural events:

- The categories of art and cultural events include exhibition, performing art, theatre performance, music performance and movie screening, etc.

- By the time the critique is submitted, the event must be before halfway through its exhibition period or show sessions, so as to encourage readers to visit it.



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