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【ACO Art Space May - June】"Weee! we weave"

Date:2024.5.18 - 6.22 (Tue to Sun)

Time: 1 - 7 pm

Venue: ACO Art Space (6/F)

Opening performance by

Soundscape - Chan Ting @ctsimage

Performance Art - Pang Jing @pang_jing

Date: (Sat)

Time: 2 - 3 pm

We weave, therefore we live - we live with fabric that keeps us warm and makes our lives so much easier. SAORI, founded by Misao Jo in Japan in 1969, is created not only to protect our physical bodies and to please the eyes, but also to unlock one’s artistic talent, liberate the souls and to encourage deeper connection with creativity and authenticity.

We are delighted to join hands with Centre for Community Cultural Development. By showcasing a series of SAORI created and handmade by artist-weavers across Japan and Hong Kong,* we manifest the uniqueness, boundlessness and freedom of self-expression contained and signified by every single piece of work that are too remarkable to ignore. Inspired by mother of nature, a SAORI web is reconstructed in the space. As colours, tactile elements, uninhibited hands and free will intertwine and interact, a creative process is initiated and evolves organically.

Let us just lie down on this web where flaws and faults are allowed and accepted, unwind, slow down (at least for a while), regain strength and ignite hopes and imagination.


All the SAORI exhibits in this art space are provided by Centre for Community Cultural Development.



Eji Jo

Hirohisa Osaki

Hamaguchi Tomokazu

Members of SAORI Hiroba in Osaka

Hong Kong

Cifu-Jai from St. James Settlement

Members of the Weavers' Alliance of Centre for Community Cultural Development



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