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RPW critiqued Silent Love 【一人一點藝評社 One Point Critique Society】

Beyond the Thread: Silent Reflections on Love and Effort

Titled "Silent Love," all the artworks are intricate thread portraits of black roses, each uniquely positioned, posed, and directed. Beyond the impressive use of unconventional mediums in presenting art and the remarkable creativity displayed by the artists, a significant aspect that resonated with me was the profound connection between the chosen medium, threads, and the overarching theme of the exhibition. In particular, what caught my attention was the inherent strength required in each thread to stand firmly and collectively construct a solid piece, allowing viewers to perceive the full picture intended by the artist.

In the context of the exhibition's theme, the strength and tightness within each thread serve as a poignant reflection of the effort involved in maintaining a romantic relationship. From a distance, the roses, symbolizing love, appear beautiful and flawless. Yet, upon closer inspection, the intricate and complex effort needed to build and sustain this image becomes apparent. This duality reflects the reality of romantic relationships, where efforts are often silent and not immediately evident. The silent and nuanced nature of these efforts can be interpreted in various ways—optimistically as a genuine indication of existing love, with both parties striving to make the relationship work. Conversely, it can be viewed as a mere façade, where efforts are directed solely toward maintaining a surface image, leaving the relationship, like the artwork, hollow and void within the threads.

The relationship between the chosen medium and the exhibition theme offers multiple layers of interpretation. Additionally, the choice of object, black roses, as opposed to the traditional red roses, introduces another intriguing dimension. Thread portraits can be crafted in various colors, yet the artist deliberately chose black as the main color theme. This choice contributes to the silent and monotone visual atmosphere, aligning with the exhibition's overall theme of subtlety. Moreover, as suggested in the curatorial statement, black roses do not exist in reality, prompting contemplation on the concepts of love in both the tangible and intangible realms. The realization that a certain object doesn't exist, yet the artist endeavors to construct an entire and complete art piece based on it, serves as a metaphor for the elusive nature of love. Love, being vague and perhaps even mythical, defies universal definition, yet it doesn't deter us from seeking anything that resembles it.

This exhibition, beyond being an opportunity to appreciate the artistry of thread portraits, becomes a profound exploration of the intricacies of love. It prompts the audience to reflect on the perception of silent love—whether positive or negative—and ultimately questions whether our pursuit of love is an eternal quest for something that may not exist in the way we imagine.

Images were taken by the writer.



Silent Love

展覽日期:22/11 - 21/12


10 Ice House Street, Central, HK

Facebook專頁:Artify Gallery Ltd.




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