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There are so many independent artists releasing vinyl records today. We can blame it on hipsters or hippies, we can blame it on Instagram and as it makes vinyl cool again, we can blame it on companies that offer tempting discounts and great vinyl pressing options for indie artists. Releasing vinyl records is so easy these days.

But vinyl hit its peak last year, we've already seen many great vinyl releases from our favorite indie bands. Maybe the vinyl resurgence was even due to these amazing bands releasing gorgeous vinyl records!

Here are some favorites:

#1 Placebo

Placebo is a rock band formed in 1994 that released their debut album of the same name through Virgin Records in 1996. Brian Molko's father wanted him to become a banker, but the Placebo frontman decided to start Free music download a band instead. Led by David Bowie, their music is not only bold, Molko is also mainstream in androgyny, cross-dressing and bisexuality.

On September 15th of last year, the band's manager tweeted that their soon-to-be-announced eighth studio album would be released this year.

Placebo Vinyl We Love: MTV Unplugged (2015)

The band's vinyl album has a very monochrome theme with the black background of both the album cover and their own vinyl records highlighted by white letters and lines. In contrast, the albums have printed record covers that feature images in red and blue filters.

#2 Yes Yes Yes

The three-piece, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is an indie rock band that gained people's attention early in their career. After their hiatus in 2013, there hasn't been much news from the band, apart from a remastered version of Fever To Tell in 2017 and Karen O's announcement of a willingness to release an album together again in 2020.

Free music download

Free music download

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