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The problems of writers

1. "Started - quit."

This is the second common problem, and it often involves:

a) with the novel's concept ready-made up and thought out, the story fun to write down;

b) with ignorance and a "middle" stupor, when there is only a beginning, an end, and a couple of characters, and the rest is not thought of;

c) with "interrupted" interest - the arrival of an exciting new idea.

There is one panacea for all of this - pay someone to write an essay the very understanding of why and for what you write. And for whom. In addition to a list of adventures and a beautiful beginning, there must be an in-depth understanding of what you want to say - what problem to discuss with readers, what world to show. And where to "visit." And what to "do" with the characters' hands. What to achieve and writing papers for money why to achieve. What to see. And who to show.

Then both the unruly middle will compose itself, and the new idea will not interrupt the "appetite", and the story will be written with pleasure according to the ready plan.

2. "How to finish this endless book!"

Some stall at the beginning, some stall in the middle, and some hang in the finale and can't finish the unhappy epilogue for six months. And someone does not even begin to write - mulled in his mind, thinking over a dozen times finished episodes and could not decide to get to work.

And here, too, one panacea - to understand why and for what purpose. And also, do not be lazy. In addition to excruciating "who needs this nonsense" to finish a banal lazy. Too lazy to think and parse the story to the bones, it is better to watch the show. Too lazy to force myself every day at the computer and write at least a couple of pages a day. To think - yes, it is interesting, but to write, to create text - this is work. And few people like to work. But you have to, if you want to finish what you started.

But sometimes there is neither time nor energy. Or there is, but not enough - everyday life eats up all the time, and it seems senseless to "push" yourself for an hour of suffering over a text. And now ask yourself - is it pointless? If so, why torture yourself? And if not? In that case, I advise one thing - put your life in order, analyze your time schedule, give up something, for example, from sitting in social networks. And you will have another hour, or even two, to create.

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