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Use multiple formats to save and quickly identify your model, for example:.dwg,.dxf,.dwgx,.dwf,.rfa,.adw,.uwg,.uvi. You can also store designs in the older.arc format.Use "Try" and "Run" buttons when doing comparisons. You can also double-click on a comparison to open it in a window. Double-clicking on objects in a comparison allows you to quickly select a portion of the drawing, markup, or label object for insertion. (video: 1:08 min.)Use the "Flip Flop" feature to swap objects on your screen. You can also use this to quickly compare the size and position of 2 objects. (video: 1:05 min.)Find similar commands and other frequently used commands. You can quickly locate a command based on an attribute, tool, or name. For example, you can search for commands that are related to shape "trim".See attribute values from other parts of the drawing, or even from AutoCAD drawings from other drawings.Compare and annotate a document. You can compare 2 drawings and annotate differences in a presentation or PDF. You can use markers to quickly highlight objects or key areas, or label and highlight objects in the current drawing or the result of a recent operation. (video: 1:11 min.)Redesign tools:Redesign tools simplify your work by enabling you to improve areas of a drawing that may need rework. Use a red rectangle to highlight a rectangular area.Use a red line to identify a line, and a red polyline to identify a polyline.You can use a red dot to identify the center of any object, and a red diamond to highlight its center.Edit options and tasks:Reduce duplicated drawing steps and speed up your editing. You can reduce the number of drawing steps to create an object or get help with a task like editing or copying.Use the context-sensitive help to quickly get information about how to edit the selected object. When you hover your mouse pointer over an object, help information appears in the status bar or on the tooltips. (video: 1:06 min.)Automatically manage your layers and groups. Use the "Sync Layer" 2be273e24d


AutoCAD PC/Windows

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